Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What I Read

Funny story...I got a little overzealous with checking out audio books at the library and ordered two books that are each 17 and 25 discs long. For someone who only listens to the CD on her half hour ride into work and then home, it's taking me a while to even get through one of the books. The good news is I'm almost done the first one, which is Clan of the Cave Bear, the last of my 15 in '15 reading list, and my library has a really easy renew button on their website for the other book. 

I enjoyed linking up with Jana and Steph so much last month, I decided to do it again! Here's what I read this month:

All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner- this is the first Weiner book I've read, although I have several more on my list to read. The book was good, it was definitely a slow read and nothing major happens to grip you, but Weiner depicts the struggle a upper class woman who pops pills very well. In real life, there normally isn't some massive moment for them so it makes sense that there would not be one here. I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys reading several books and wouldn't get hung up on this one (so pretty much any of you participating in the linkup! haha).

Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse- I picked this book up because I needed to find a thriller book like Gone Girl, You, or The Girl on the Train. They're my new favorite genre to read. This book fell flat, so flat if you turned it sideways it would disappear. I knew the ending before I finished the second chapter it was so predictable, even with the "twist" that the author wrote into the book to throw you off.  Whitehouse is a British author so the mannerisms of her characters were very different too and it was kinda frustrating at times. 

I really had hope for the premise of this book and it didn't live up to it. Lucky for me, it was a short read so I wasn't too disappointed in wasting my time on it. If you don't mind the predictability of this story, it wouldn't hurt to pick it up, just don't go into it with high expectations, and maybe you'll enjoy it more than I did. 

Uganda Be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler- I have read all of Chelsea Handler's books and have loved them all. This book felt like she was phoning it it. There were times when the story she was sharing didn't make sense or just rambled on, and I could literally feel the times when she was just like aw f**k it and crapped out a paragraph. If you didn't compare this book to her others it wouldn't have been so bad, it's not a terrible book, you can just tell her enthusiasm has waned since she first started writing and now she writes for a paycheck. 

That's what I read this month, what did you read?

I'm on Goodreads by the way, and I love new friends!

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