Friday, August 28, 2015

End of the Week Roundup

Another weekend is upon us! Tonight is my lip sync battle birthday party, to say that I am excited would not even cover it. One more week until my birthday! 

But enough about what's coming up, here's the recap to this week:

1. Friday I had lunch with my mom and she surprised me by not only bringing my dad along for the lunch but also her best friend who brought kayaks! We didn't get to kayak while on my lunch break but we did have one of the most enjoyable lunches by the lake, then after work we all came back and kayaked for a little while. 

2. Saturday night Dave and I had dinner with his brother Eric and his girlfriend Ashlie. It was an enjoyable evening and Ashlie introduced me to Rent the Runway, which I now makes me want to go to ALL the fancy places and rent outfits for them. I rented a birthday outfit for my dinner in the city next week so we shall see how it turns out. I promise you this: you will hear all about it :) 
3. Sunday was a lazy day. Dave was helping his brother finish off his shed so I stayed home by myself and binge watched Ally McBeal. I remember loving that show when I was in high school and I'm happy to say that I still enjoy it. I was obsessed with Robert Downey Jr then and I'm not going to lie, I can't wait to watch him in the show that made me that way all over again. 

4. Sunday night was also the night that Ashley updated my blog layout. What do you think of it? She just had her daughter, Grace,  Tuesday and I'm so happy for her! 
5. Wednesday was the first day back to school for me and it was also the day I got a mole removed from my leg. Me and needles don't mesh well and I've never had stitches before so it was a mentally exhaustive day. 

6. Thursday my momma and I met up for lunch again and she brought beautiful roses for me! 

And something new I thought I'd are some links to some interesting tidbits I came across this week:
Certain articles of clothing like underwear I always make sure to wash before I wear it the first time, but most things I don't. How important is it exactly to wash clothes before you wear them? 

Do you ever wonder what would be in the suitcase of a mental patient at an insane asylum? Wonder no more....

I'm slightly obsessed with Cracked and their articles. This one about insane "As Seen on TV" products was an interesting read. 

How did your week go? Any interesting articles/links to share?

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