Monday, August 3, 2015


Photo by this guy (gratisography), who offers free photos on his website. Thank you good sir!
1. I wish I could draw a perfect circle every time. 

2. I hate that I cannot be completely submerged in a bathtub and that's why I never take baths. The tub in my current home is short so if my legs are submerged then the upper half of me is not, and if I want the upper half submerged then that means my legs are out of the tub. This is not how baths should be taken. 

A dramatic retelling of what I look like when I attempt to bathe in my tub
3. My Aunt Steph, as many of you know, is one of my favorite aunts. We always joke that I'm actually her daughter because we look, sound and act alike. I've always been very sensitive when it comes to her. When she told me she was moving to New Holland when I was 6 or 7, I thought she meant Holland (kudos to me for knowing Holland existed at that age) and bawled. When she took a cruise to Bermuda when I was around that age, I swore she was going to be lost to the Bermuda Triangle and I had nightmares the entire time she was gone. 

4. I attempted to play an old game on my Game Cube and I remembered very quickly why I stopped playing it so many years ago. #gotstuckonthetutoriallevel #fail

5. I take way too much pleasure in my new salad tongs. They're nothing special but they make me so damn happy. 

I can't find an exact match but these are close enough

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