Monday, August 24, 2015

Birthday Wish List

It's official, my birthday is less than two weeks away. It all depends on what day you ask me whether or not I'm okay with the idea of turning 30. The one thing I am okay with is dreaming up a list of all the things I'd put on my gift wish list for my birthday. It's completely self fulfilling, I know but it's my birthday and I'll blog about all the gifts if I want to (I hope you heard the song in your head....that was the intention haha).

Cards Against Humanity

I'm all about board games and luckily I have friends that are too. I have yet to be able to play this game but everyone who has raves about it and it looks so funny. Plus, this would give me a great game to play during game night with my friends and laugh our asses off. 

Cast Iron Skillet

I made it to 30 without owning a cast iron skillet. Is that even legal? I have Le Cruset's dutch oven in Caribbean and its one of my favorite pieces of equipment in the kitchen. I think it needs a partner. 

Jewelry Racks

I have been lusting after these jewelry racks on Etsy for a long time. Dave could probably make them but it would take a lot of whining and grovelling on my part first before it happened. 

Kate Spade Glitter Studs

Oh Kate Spade how I adore thee. I haven't had a chance to really talk about it yet but I recently purchased a Kate Spade purse which ended up being quite literally the most perfect purse in the world for me. If you remember a little while back, I was looking for the perfect purse and Kate's bag fit the bill. Anyway, I'm now just slightly obsessed and these studs are looked at on a daily basis. Someday they will be in my ears, someday. 

Sizzix Cutting Machine

There are so many new quilts I could create with this machine, including one that's been bopping around in my head for months. I'll end up purchasing it  in the future if I don't get it soon from someone else anyway, since I need it to create circles and if there's one thing this girl can't do, it's cut a decent circle in fabric. 

Modern Rainbow Quilt Book and Cabin Fever Quilt Book

Quilting books, do I really need to say more? Haha I recently created a rainbow chevron quilt (see it here) and that created a current obsession with creating more colorful, modern quilts. 

Ribbon Ladder

I'm also beginning to create more rompers and bears, both of which require ribbons. I made a makeshift ribbon holder but it doesn't look at organized as this nor does it look as nice. This would look great in my sewing room. 

And there you have it, my birthday wish list! 

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