Friday, August 21, 2015

15 in '15 August Update

I am officially done the 15 in '15 list! Whoo hoo! I always enjoy creating this list (well this and the '14 list haha), it's a great way for me to read some books that have been in my "To Read" pile for a while and I find that it also motivates me to read more. 

Clan of the Cave Bear

This month I "read" Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel. I attempted to physically read the book and got 3 pages in and gave up. It was just too descriptive for my taste, but Dave's grandmother gave me this book and raved about how much she loves it, so I felt like it was important to attempt to finish it. To do that, I rented the audio book from the library, and I'm so glad I did. I would have never gotten through the book trying to read it, but the descriptiveness of the story lent to a really great audio book. 

Clan of the Cave Bear tells the story of Ayla, an "other" who looks and sounds like a modern day human (as much as you can for someone from the very distant past) and her interactions with a clan of people who are the more traditional cavemen that we think of. Auel clearly spent a copious amount of time researching cave people for this story, and that lends to a very very interesting read. I learned so much more about cavemen from reading this one book than I've learned in school. However, there are times when the book reads like a textbook, for example, she lists different plants in ridiculous detail. Let's just say there were a few times that I skipped a track or ten. But with all that aside, the story was very enjoyable and I definitely recommend picking it up, but I would recommend audio versus regular book.  

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