Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What I Read in the Past Month

This is my first time participating in Steph and Jana's "Show Us Your Books" post because normally I only read one book a month and if I read more it's normally books from my yearly reading list and there isn't much to talk about. This month, however, I read, or attempted to read, quite a few books so I decided to participate!

The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan - I buy all these books the minute they come out in October...and then let them sit. Which means this book has been sitting for about 3 years, I'm glad I let it sit though because it ended on a good cliffhanger and I take some comfort in knowing I have the other two books on my shelf ready to be read. 

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris - Okay, so I kinda cheated here. I didn't "read" the book per se, I listened to it via book on CD, but I still count it. This book was okay, it wasn't something I was super excited to listen to on my way to and from work but I also wasn't wishing it was over either.  

Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers -  I cheated on this one too. It was also an audio book and I didn't finish it. The shrill British voice of the woman reading the story probably didn't help. 

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller -  Another cheat, I figured I'd get them all out of the way now. I couldn't finish this either. The book was all over the place and hard for me to follow. It may be a classic to some but I just couldn't get into it at all. 

The Little Prince by Antoine De Sainte-Exupery -  If I'm being honest, I found this book a little weird. I can understand why some people would relate to the message in the book, though. A quick read, it doesn't hurt to pick it up and see if it resonates with you. 

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom -  Another quick read, this one also had a deeper message within the book.  The message didn't resonate much with me either but I did enjoy the story that went with it. 

What did you read this month? 


  1. Audio books aren't cheating! They totally count. I don't do audio books. They aren't for me. But, if they get you into a story and allow some escapism, then they count.

    Me Talk Pretty One Day is one of those books that I hear about from time to time, intend to read, but then never get around to it.

    Interesting that some of the "classic" stories didn't connect with you. Maybe that's why I don't read the classics. Ha.

  2. I remember reading The Little Prince in sophomore english and I didn't enjoy it. I thought it was weird too and my english teacher thought I might be a terrorist.
    I was disappointed by The Time Keeper. I'm a HUGE Mitch Albom fan and I just felt like The Time Keeper was trying to hard. I enjoyed it, but when I was finished reading it, I was relieved that it was over.

  3. Love your honesty. I dont like audiobooks but they arent cheating. I actually am listening to my first one right now. The reason I dont like them though is because they are excruciatingly slow. I read way faster than an audiobook.

  4. Audio books aren't cheating.

    Not a fan of The Little Prince. It's been a long time since I read Catch-22. I don't recall enjoying it much.

    I'm sort of intrigued by the Rick Riordan books. I am going to try them from the beginning.

  5. Audiobooks aren't cheating at all! I'm a huge fan and often find that the narrator can make or break my enjoyment of the story. On goodreads, you can sometimes preview the audiobook so you don't waste your time with annoying voices. I loved David Sedaris' books in college... guess I could relate to him somehow... but I haven't read one in years!

  6. Audio definitely isn't cheating. I thought The Little Prince was quite but really enjoyed the illustrations more than the story.

  7. I LOVED The Timekeeper!! It was weird and bizarre but I love the message he sends in all of his books.

    Audiobooks are totally not cheating!

  8. I've been all about audiobooks latley- Audible is seriously one of my BFFs now. I agree with the suggestion about previewing the book first- the right narrator can make a big difference.

    I haven't read The Little Prince or Catch-22, although I've heard a lot about them & feel like I should.

  9. I would love to check out the Time Keeper since I really enjoyed Tuesdays With Morrie. I heard a lot of people really liked it so hopefully I will too!

    1. it was definitely a good read, and quick too!

  10. Audio books certainly aren't cheats! I'm listening to To Kill A Mockingbird now. Albeit, I'm sloooowly listening to it. I think I liked Catch-22 but that was way back in high school.

  11. I sort of feel that way about all of Sedaris's books. They're ok, but I'm not in love with them. I've had Catch-22 on my list forever!

  12. Audio books totally aren't cheating, you're still participating in the story. I'm listening to a couple right now and it's one way I can cross books off my list since I can do them while I'm doing other stuff. However, the shrill voice would have driven me bonkers too! I love quick reads, but then I'm usually sad they're over.

  13. I had to read Catch-22 in high school and i totally read the cliff's notes instead. Audio book would have been the better option.

  14. I need to get on the audio book bandwagon. Everyone seems to love it! Although you need better luck with books!

  15. i've tried so many times to read the little prince but i just can't get into it, no matter how short the book is :(

  16. Oh I love Sedaris! Me Talk Pretty was the first one of his I read, and enjoyed it maybe the most. I love the chapters on the Rooster. They just make me laugh out loud. I like to wait for all the book in the series to come out to start reading them :) I hate waiting!


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