Monday, July 27, 2015

Mom's Surprise Party

On Saturday, my family and I threw a surprise 50th party for my mom. My aunt, sister and I agreed that the party should have a hot pink and gold theme, since hot pink is my mom's favorite color and gold is normally associated with 50. We then created a secret board (no longer secret! haha) on Pinterest for ideas.

For the centerpiece we really liked these two pins: 

                                      Pin 1                                                                                     Pin 2

So we decided to mix the two and created these mason jar ombre glitter center pieces. I'm normally not a fan of glitter but I fell in love with these and even took one home to put on my desk at work. 

For the guest book, we really liked this pin

So we recreated it, Dave cut a hole in the top of a shadow box for guests to put the heart in and I created the sign on picmonkey and used Snapfish to print the sign. My aunt painted the 5 and 0 in gold paint and glued it to the frame. 

We really liked the simplicity of the cake in this pin

so we decide to stay with that same general idea but make the frosting ombre and my aunt purchased a very simple but elegant cake topper for the cake:

There were a few extra touches like gold and pink plates, napkins, silverware, cups and straws. 

I think the biggest surprise of the night for my mom was the quilt that I made for her with the help of family and friends. I asked several family and friends to give me a shirt that would be symbolic of their relationship to my mom or would represent themselves so I could make a t-shirt quilt for her. I was so excited to give her the quilt, it was hard for me not to drag her over the the gift table the moment she walked in the door. 

My mom is normally the huge party planner (check out her work from my grad party here) so it was tough carrying out a party at this level without her but the hard work definitely paid off. My mom was very surprised and she definitely deserved a party of this caliber. Happy birthday ma!