Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I Might Still Want These Things....

I was pretty lucky as a kid, my mom did her best to give me everything I asked for. I was always aware of how hard she had to work for what she got, so I was really appreciative of everything she ever gave me. There are a few things however that I never got, going over this list there are a few things I still kinda want....

Talk Girl

I have no idea why I wanted this so bad. It was literally a voice recorder...of which I would have no use for. No wonder my mom didn't waste her money on this. 

A real Tamagotchi or Nano Pet

In fairness to my mom, she did get me one of these electronic pets, but it was a knockoff brand and it had this ridiculous setting that when it wanted to "grow" you had to hit a series of buttons at the exact time it wanted to grow, if you didn't then your pet died. This doesn't really work out well when your in school and you don't want your pet confiscated, so my pet always died. Every time it did I would grumble to myself, I bet a nano pet wouldn't do this....

Nickelodeon Time Blaster Alarm Clock

For a brief moment I thought slime ran through the top of the clock. I guess I'll never really know if that is true or not. 


I was obsessed with these when they came out. It didn't help that Felicity had one on her TV show and I was obsessed with that too. I would lay up at night and imagine what color I'd get if my mom would let me get one. I look at these computers now, and I'm not going to lie they are still appealing to me. 

What are some things you wanted when you were a kid but never got?