Monday, April 13, 2015


I haven't done one of these posts in a while and I thought it'd be fun to do one and see where I stand right now. This semester with school I feel a bit overwhelmed (if you haven't noticed by my inconsistent posting) and it's a good reminder for myself of what I'm doing. 

Watching: I'm finishing up Breaking Bad now on Netflix, right now I'm at the end of season 4. I also started watching Sherlock and Finding Carter. I had a day off recently and literally watched the entire first season of Finding Carter in one day. 

Reading: Allegiant and I'll be honest it's taking me a while to trough through this book. I normally would stop reading books that don't motivate me to read by now but I feel like I need to finish this series out. I've got about 150 pages left so I'm in the homestretch. Next up, Hausfrau which a friend lent to me. 

Listening: Speaking of Finding Carter, I'm constantly listening to the theme song, Vagabond by Misterwives on repeat. I'm also still listening to podcasts, and the storytelling ones like Risk are still my favorite.

Making: Still making my bears and quilts but I also decided to try my hand at rompers. I have all the fabric to start one, we shall see how it turns out!

Feeling: Accomplished. I spent my entire day Sunday researching and writing my final paper for one of my classes. I also put a huge dent in a final project for a class so now I only have two small assignments to complete and then I'm home free for this semester. 

Planning: My next vacation. I'm trying to convince Dave to take a quick weekend trip to Ohio (it's only a 6 hour drive!). I'm also planning my 30th birthday party which is a lip sync battle against my friends and I. It's going to be so much fun!

What are you currently doing?


  1. I should really get out to OH to see a friend. I will probably fly though! LOL

  2. Sounds like you're definitely keeping busy! A lip sync battle birthday party sounds awesome!

  3. What a fun birthday party idea! Oh my gosh, can I invite myself? ;)

  4. I really like Finding Carter. Plus I might have a slight crush on Max ;-)

  5. I should probably explore Ohio more, it is the next state down from mine but it's just a state we happen to drive through to get to PA. Toledo is a great zoo though and we're hopefully heading to Cedar Point in the summer.

    1. I've heard of Cedar Point, I'll have to check that out too!


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