Friday, March 6, 2015

End of the Week Roundup

Hello friends! Another Friday is upon us. This week has been slow, which is good for relaxing but tough for weekly roundups. 

1. Take yesterday for example, when a massive snowstorm hit. I stayed home and binge watched Breaking Bad and starting reading You. This is my idea of the perfect day, but most definitely not conducive to a thrilling blog post. You, by the way, is gripping. I hate how cliche that sounds, but it really has me sucked in. 

2. Cold days lead to adorable snuggling. 

3. Tuesday was another bad storm day. While waiting in traffic I decided to see if I could have any of life's philosophical questions answered. I should have known better than to ask Siri. She and I fight often. 

Is she calling me fat?

4. I started another bear this week, this time using She-Ra fabric. This particular fleece is a pain to work with because it's so soft and the fleece sheds a lot, but it'll be worth it for the end result. 

5. Snow days and cold nights leads to this, which is amazing until you have to get up and get huffed at.


  1. Aww, love the kitty cuddling pics! LOL at Siri's response, she's so snarky! :) I LOVE the She-Ra bear so far, awesome!! Have a great weekend!

  2. We just adopted a second cat, so I'm hoping one day I can have a photo like the one you posted of them cuddling :)

  3. When did Siri turn into such a raging bitch? Just answer my damn questions, woman!!
    Your fuzzies are so much more snugglier than mine. So freaking cute. Lately Link has been such a dick to Matzo Ball. Adorable snuggling for the win.
    That She-Ra bear is everything and more. Amazeballs

  4. Yay! You is definitely gripping. That's a good word for it.

  5. Obviously Siri wasn't a philosophy major.

    I need to watch Breaking Bad again. I was watching it with my boyfriend, but he watched a lot of episodes without me, so I got a little confused and forgot a lot of what happens.

  6. How cute are they cuddling! I have you on my want to read list for the longest time!


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