Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Minor Annoyances

Nobody's perfect, we all know that. But do you ever do something (or things) consistently that makes you want to punch yourself in the face? Okay maybe not that violent but something along those lines? 

Here's a list of grievances I have against myself, that no matter what I do I probably will not change, complete with corresponding ecards!

1. No need to write this password down anywhere, I'll remember it!

I believe I read somewhere that the average person has to remember 19 passwords. If I took the time to count I'm sure I have triple that number. The important ones, like work related passwords, able to remember (since I'm not going to tell you where I have them at). But simple ones like logins to online stores? Oh pssssh, I'll remember that no problem! Or not. Every. Single. Time. 

2. I don't pay attention at all

Have you ever liked someone's Facebook status about something terrible, like someone died or something bad happened to them? A status that is wholly inappropriate to like? I have. Or, someone will walk by me and wonder why I'm ignoring them. I'm not, I'm just not paying attention. One time Dave drove next to me in a big red truck and he claims I didn't notice for at least a mile and a half until he honked at me. I don't doubt it. 

3.  Being too hard on myself

I think we are all guilty of this, but how many times do you take a picture and think "good lord, I'm hideous!" then go back to the picture a little while later and realize it's actually not that bad? Every time. Every single freaking time. Shame on me.

4. I repeat myself a lot. 

I feel like I never truly get my point across to people. Which is something I really should try to work out before I attempt to become a teacher....Anyway, sometimes if I really want someone to understand something, I'll repeat myself over and over again rewording the phrase a little differently each time. I've gotten a little better over the years by being more self aware of it, but I still do it. 

So that's just a quick roundup of a few things I don't like about myself. Do you have any pet peeves about yourself?