Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Cooking Challenge Results

In the beginning of this month I created a cooking challenge for myself. It was my way of not only using up recipes/pins that I've never used that I wanted to but also to step out of my comfort zone and use cooking techniques I avoid because I'm not comfortable with them. 

Here's the first results of the year! I'd say I was 65% successful....

First up, Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Now I've eaten this recipe before, however I always made Dave make it for two reasons: 1. I don't work with dough, at all  2. I don't cut in butter. So this time I decided to make it all by myself, cutting butter and all. 

Cooking Technique Tackled: Cutting butter, working with dough

The results: Complete success! The recipe is delicious to begin with and I manage to not mess up the cutting in of the butter. 

Cooking Technique Tackled: Frying food in oil, working with spring roll wrappers

The results: The filling was really good, but the egg rolls did not come out looking crispy, crunchy or egg roll-y at all. The grease just kinda sat on the wrappers and it was like eating oil straight from the pan. I'm not completely turned off of the idea of trying to fry it again but maybe cook it in less oil? Or something along those lines. It was edible and tasted half decent but good lord it was hideous and... loosened the bowels to put it kindly. 

All in all, this month's challenge wasn't half bad. I'm excited to see what other cooking techniques I'll tackle this year. 

Did you try anything different this month?