Friday, January 23, 2015

End of the Week Roundup

You know it's funny, in the winter I have blog post ideas coming out the wazoo but roundups are hard to create because I hibernate in the winter. I go to work, then school, then come home and quilt or read. That's it. It's tough to create a roundup when you're pretty much just curled up under covers for the majority of the week.

1. Saturday I met up with a friend to give her a quilt that I made for her mom out of her dad's shirts who passed away last May. 

2. On Saturday I also got a new rotary ruler/cutter. I can't cut a straight line so this new contraption is a Godsend for me. 

I mean just look at these perfect squares! (Rainbow chevron quilt coming soon!!!)

3. In the world's suckiest moment of the week, I came home from school Tuesday night to a huge package of Similac formula, which was a sharp reminder that if I hadn't miscarried my baby would be due in two weeks. How did they even know in the first place? I wasn't pregnant long enough to sign up for anything! In either case, it blew monkey chunks hard and it took me a while to get over that one. 

4. I made this recipe over the weekend, nothing like some good yummy comfort food on a quiet Sunday!

5. Nibbler rarely plays with toys (unless he wants to steal one from Squish), but this little egg gives him treats so of course it's one of his favorite toys. 

How did your week go?