Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Hate Winter but...

I am not a fan of winter. I hate being cold, I've never been a fan of snow, and the shortened daylight hours makes me lazy and grumpy. But if I'm going to get through the next few months I need to find the silver lining in winter so I created a list of things that I get to enjoy more because it is winter. 

Like the fact that hot showers are infinitely better when they warm you up after a cold day. I love the feeling of the warmth spreading through my body starting at the tips of my toes and spreading upward. It's one of my favorite parts of the day during the winter. 

Or that my cats, who are already cuddlebugs suddenly can't get enough cuddling in. The warmth of their soft fur and the weight of their bodies sitting on stomachs and legs is about as comforting as you can get. 

Plus, hot chocolate with marshmallows (and/or whipped cream!) is always for some odd reason a little bit more delicious when it's cold out.

And, even though we lose daylight which stinks, the quiet that comes along with dark days is nice too. I love having a break from all the hustle and bustle of life. Have you ever been outside in the evening when it snows? It's one of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see, and it's so quiet you can literally hear the snow fall. 

Finally, the best part of winter? Clothes are a little bit looser and comfortable so it hides more. No need to worry about dieting or passing on the pie, your leggings and sweater tunic will do all the work to hide that extra few pounds!

What are some things you enjoy about the winter?


  1. I was just bitching at Steve last night that the cats are so much more snuggly with him. I am home with them all day and they don't come near me, the second Steve walks in and they are on him like white on rice. Assholes. My best thing in winter is a hot shower, when you can lterally feel all the parts of your body thaw out. Also, when it's snowing and not windy, it's so cool to get in y hot tub at night. The snow never actually hits you bc it evaporates from the heat o the hot tub before it hits your head. <3

  2. I love taking a hot bath or shower and I try to time the laundry so my towel is still a little warm from being taken out of the dryer!

  3. Some times absolutely nothing warms you up except a hot shower and while I hate the cold that leads up to that, I love the warmth of the shower!

    I like when it snows and I have nowhere to go.

  4. HA! That last image literally made me LOL - and I have to say I agree with it 100% LOL

  5. I don't have winter because I live in California, but when I lived in places that had winter, I HATED IT. But the loose clothes are a nice bonus. And hot chocolate. And hot showers. Those are all good things!


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