Monday, December 1, 2014

Hard is Hard

One of the best things about starting this blog was the friendships I've created with other amazing girls along the way. Some of these girls have helped me (and continue to help me) through some really tough times, like when I miscarried.

One of the most inspiring women I've had the blessing to get to know is MJ. She writes over at Luck Fupus and to say that her health got the short end of the stick when it comes to life would be a gross understatement. She has had multiple open heart surgeries, suffers from lupus, and so much more crap it's ridiculous. Today she is having a double mastectomy to remove a precancerous lump from one of her breasts. It's not a decision she took lightly at all

The thing with MJ is that with all the things life has thrown at her, she still fights, stays strong, is hilariously positive, and is one of the best examples of how you should live your life that I know.  She is constantly teaching me new things, important life lessons, or putting things into perspective. One of those things is that no matter what "hard is hard". I remember being so annoyed at one of my friend's trivial grievances, especially when I compared it to what MJ has gone through. She told me no, that everyone's situation is different and that no matter what, hard is hard. Then she shared one of her favorite TED Talks with me, which is now one of my favorites as well. 

So today, while my amazing, awesome, incredible friend undergoes surgery, my thoughts will never be far from her side. This is my simple ode to her, thank you MJ for being so damn inspiring.  


  1. Love this!

    When Marla is all healed up we should all get together.

  2. Awww I'll be praying for her! She always has the funniest comments too! Such a bright outlook on life when given a handful of crap!

  3. I hope everything goes perfectly for her surgery. I can't imagine having to make a decision like that, and to keep a positive attitude on top of it!

  4. This is such great perspective! I tend to occasionally get annoyed at the trivial concerns of friends and family, and it's so good to remember that even though what they're facing sounds less than actually difficult, it's as difficult for them to go through as anything I face. I hope your friend's surgery goes well!!


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