Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Four is My Favorite Number

Four is my absolute favorite number so when I saw Lauren's post on fours, I just had to borrow it for my own!

4 names people call me other than my real name:  Nic, Nikki (by select few, I hate it!), Pickle (again, select few), Nic Nic

4 places I have been: Vermont, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Tennessee

4 things I don’t eat: pickles, peanut butter, sushi, spicy food

4 favorite foods: mashed potatoes, steak, chicken gravy, milky ways

4 things I’m always saying: "shut ya face", "like um", "what the", "really"

4 things I'm looking forward to next year: hopefully getting pregnant and having a healthy baby (I hope I haven't jinxed myself!!), continuing grad school, possibly student teaching (eep!), another great year with an amazing husband

4 movies I have watched more than once:  The Avengers, Big Fish, Where the Heart Is, Hot Fuzz

4 places I would rather be right now:  on vacation (any vacation!), reading on my couch with my kitties, laying in bed with Dave laughing at Buzzfeed articles, sewing in my craft room

4 tv shows I watch:  Sons of Anarchy, The Simpsons, Modern Family, Chopped

4 jobs i've had: gas station attendant, bank teller, customer service rep for an insurance company, hoagie maker

What are some of your "four" answers?