Monday, December 29, 2014

Favorite Podcasts

It takes me a while to get "with the times". I discover something and think it's amazing and then someone will tell me "uh Nicole? This has been around for years." Podcasts would be one of those things. When I upgraded my iPhone, the podcast app was brought to my attention. Now I know podcasts have been around for years but they weren't something I thought I had easy access to until now. 

Now I'm obsessed. I listen to podcasts all day, every day. I'm pretty sure I'm annoying my boss with the whole "huh? what? you're talking to me? ugh hang on let me pause and take my earphones out".

Here are my current favorites:

1. Serial

Is there anyone out there who hasn't heard of Serial? They just wrapped up the final episode of Season 1, and it's become the most popular podcast of all time. I never thought I'd look forward to a Thursday, then Serial came around and I couldn't wait for Thursdays to come so I could listen in to the new episodes. 

2. Screen Junkies: Movie Fights

Screen Junkies is responsible for the hilarious "honest trailers" on YouTube, and their "Movie Fights" podcast is just as entertaining. Each podcasts features debates like "who was the best James Bond" or "What did you think of the new light saber". It's led to some pretty good debates between Dave and I.

3. Risk! True Tales Boldly Told

This is by far my favorite podcast. So much so I've maxed out the storage space on my phone downloading back episodes. I currently have 99 in the queue and a few more that can be downloaded. Risk! is a podcast where people tell stories about themselves that wouldn't be something they'd probably share with others. Fair warning, foul language is abundant in this podcast and some episodes are definitely NC-17-ish. Definitely not for the conservative type.

4. Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale is a fictional podcast about a small town set in a desert. It's a really weird podcast but it's enjoyable if you like to listen to audio books. 

5. Books on the Nightstand

Two people who work in the publishing industry created this podcast to talk about books. If you're the kind of person who likes to get ideas about the next book they should read, what more do you need?

6. The Cracked Podcast

I love Cracked's app, it's just full of random articles that I really enjoy reading. This podcast is an offshoot of their articles, which means once I've scoured through all the most recent articles I can then listen to them talk about it even more. 

7. Stuff You Missed in History Class

As someone who enjoys history, I love hearing about more obscure moments in history that you don't normally hear about. Not only does it give me tidbits of knowledge to share with others, but I'm also learning about things I would have never known about.