Monday, November 17, 2014

What Would You Do?


I was driving home from school the other night around 7 pm. I was all alone on my local bypass, nothing but me and my headlights. It reminded me of another time when I was all alone on the bypass a few years earlier. I was coming home from school that night too when all of a sudden out of nowhere a big tow truck comes up behind me, high beams blinding me in my rear-view mirrors, and he was following veryclose.

I normally don't engage these kinds of people, because you never know who is psycho or who has a gun. If I'm in the left hand lane, I get over to the right. If I'm on a road, I'll normally turn off and let them get ahead of me. But in this situation, I wasn't going to pull off the side of the road, who knows what this person would have done if we stopped? So I slowed down (very slowly too! no jamming on the brakes) less than the 55 mph that the road allowed, down to about 35-40. I figured going slow would make them get bored enough to go around me, which is exactly what this person did. 

When they pulled around me though, they positioned the truck in between the two lanes so that I couldn't pass and slowed down even more, almost like they were trying to force me to stop. I have no idea why this person did this or what was going on, literally one minute I'm alone on the highway, the next I've got this psycho coming after me. I didn't know what to do, so I pulled my phone out, turned the screen on and held it up near my head like I was going to make a call. As soon as the person saw me do that they sped up and disappeared. 

I was really shaken and when I got home a few minutes later and told Dave about it, my biggest regret was that I didn't call the cops or 911. I really wished I had given them this truck's info, but how often do cops just go out looking for crazy drivers? My guess is that unless it's happening, not very often. This whole ordeal lasted no more than two minutes so by the time I had my wits about me again, it was all over. 

What would you have done if you were in my situation? Have you ever had a scary run in on the road like I did?