Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Things I Find Irksome

Things Nibbler finds irksome? Having his picture taken.
Inspired by Steph over at Life According to Steph, things that I currently find irksome:

 Slow drivers in the left hand lane. That lane, friend, is for passing. If you aren't passing get over so I can pass you! I firmly believe slow left hand laners (and ignorant people around merging lanes) are the biggest reason for traffic. Get out of the way!

Having a nose that is so stuffed you feel like you're suffocating when you eat/brush teeth/close your mouth. Damn you stubborn snot!

 Kim Kardashian. Hasn't her 15 minutes finished up yet?

 Kim Kardashian's ass. It's big, I get it. Her waist/ass are also photo-shopped to oblivion, why are we oohing and aahing over it? 

Mean girls. Isn't it more work to be mean than it is to be nice or at least keep it to yourself? I know girls who literally have a roundtable of who they currently don't like. When they get bored not liking one girl they move on to the next, and the vicious cycle continues. Why?  

People who drive on the highway/bypass with their high beams on. Hey jerks, you're still blinding the people on the other side of the road. Why do you have them on, you're on a highway not a back road!

McDonald's breakfast burritos. Those things are so darn good when they're cooked right, but so bad when they aren't. The chances of getting a good burrito? 25%, and yet I still get them in hopes of getting the good ones. Why can't they be delicious every time? 

The battery life on my iPhone. Dead in a few hours, when I plug it in (and wait for it to turn on again) suddenly I have 60% battery life. What gives?!?

What are some things you find irksome?