Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Wish List

It's that time again! I love creating these wish if only they (and my fashion board on pinterest) would magically just show up because I created it. 

1. Rose Bowl 

I love the look of flowers in a rose bowl. There's something that's so simple and yet elegant about it to me. Since I'm not currently in a position to buy things that I want "just because" this is one of those things that I would love to have for when Dave brings home flowers, but unless someone gets it for me it won't be a purchase I'll make anytime soon. 

2. Salt/Pepper Jars

I've mentioned how much I love my current salt jar here (and how it makes me feel like an adult). I've been on the hunt for a pepper jar that would match the salt one, but I've been coveting this pair for a few years now. 

3. Skirt

I don't own a ton of cute skirts, but I wish I did. This green skirt is peppered with flecks of yellow and would look amazing with a navy sweater I have. 

4. Horseshoe Necklace

Sign of luck, silver, quaint, goes with just about any outfit, do I need to say more?

5. Boyfriend Pants

Dave bought me a pair of these pants last year for Christmas. They have been in my wash every single week since then. They are by far my most favorite item of clothing, warm, comfortable, I would own 100 of these pants if I could. 

6. Columbia Zenith Jacket

I currently own Columbia's omiheat fleece jacket and I love it. I wear it during the winter months and it's perfect because the omniheat keeps me warm by trapping in my body heat while the fleece allows me to be more mobile (I hate winter jackets that you can't move in!). The only problem with my fleece is that it's definitely a very casual jacket and I'd like to have something that looks nice for when I need to go to special events.

So what are some items on your wish list?