Monday, November 24, 2014

A Public Service Plea

A few friends and I are trying to plan a day in December to hang out and create ornaments together. In preparation for the day, we decided to check out Pinterest for DIY ornaments. The amount of projects that involved destroying perfectly good books almost set me off the deep end. 

The idea of someone destroying a perfectly good book, rendering the book completely useless for not only it's intended creation but also for any future use as well is one of my worst nightmares. I mean come on, think about all the DIY projects you created. How many of those projects do you still use or have on display? 

This is my public service plea: Please stop destroying books and calling it DIY. If you have books lying around that you don't want to use, donate them to your local library. If there is a craft that you absolutely have to do that involves paper, use newspaper. For every book you destroy, that's one less story someone else can escape to. 

P.S. This wreath is hideous. It's also a fire hazard.