Friday, October 10, 2014

Mid Week Roundup

I'm currently on a quick vacation in OBX, so needless to say I'm having a great week. Here's the roundup for the first half of the week!

1. Friday night, Dave and I went to Monster Jam at the Wells Fargo center with my parents courtesy of Rachel at Can't Google Everything, who hosted a giveaway I won. 

2. My mom also made this gorgeous wreath for me, which I am in love with! You can check out her page on Facebook, Cheryl's Creations.

3. Sunday I went apple picking with my good friend Becca and her daughter Marisol (who just turned one month old!). It was so much fun catching up with her and hanging out.

4. I convinced Dave to switch our Netflix from the mailed movies to the streaming movies, and we promptly started watching Orange is the New Black. We spent all of Saturday night and Sunday night watching the show. I'm hooked!

5. Squish loves stretching out on Dave, and I love the peaceful moment it creates.


  1. Winning giveaways rocks!

    Where do you go apple picking? I think Linvilla is always a nuthouse on weekends. I went to Styer's a few years back. Never to Shady Brook.

  2. I thought you were on vacay! Look at you, planning blogs in advance. Clearly you have not learned from my slacker blogging ways. Hope you're having a blast, and yea you on winning those tix to monster jam! BOOM!!!!

  3. Okay, that last picture is so precious!

    It looks like you've had a great week!


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