Monday, October 13, 2014

Kiptopeke State Park

Dave and I headed to OBX at the end of last week for a quick vacation with friends. He and I have a bucket list goal to visit every 50 states at some point in our life. Since I knew we were going to pass through Virginia I went to Roadtrippers to map out our trip and try to find some attractions along the way, so we could knock off VA off the list. The site suggested Kiptopeke State Park which was literally on the same road that we would need to be on to head to North Carolina. 

Kiptopeke was supposed to have these huge beach chairs with L-O-V-E written across them, which was what really got me interested in the place. Sadly, when we arrived we found out that the chairs were no longer there, but we had already paid at that point and decided to walk around and check the place out. There is so much more to the park than what we did. There are hiking trails, fishing, hawk habitats, camping grounds and a good bit more. I took some pics and then we went on our way. Hope you enjoy the pics from the park!

So no fishing dead fish then?

The waterfront had a row of old ships sitting in a line. At first I didn't see much with my regular lens on my camera, but when I grabbed the zoom lens I was able to zoom in and see a bunch of cranes sitting all on the ships.