Monday, September 15, 2014

I Had a Simpson's Themed Wedding

Based on this title, I know what some of you are thinking....EW who has a cartoon theme for their wedding?!? And that's fine, having a unique theme like The Simpsons isn't for everyone. Our wedding was, in my opinion, still elegant and classy, but with a touch of fun because that's what we are, fun. I didn't want a hoity-toity wedding, I wanted my guests to feel comfortable and have enjoy themselves. 

I've watched The Simpson's my entire life. I literally can't remember a time where I didn't watch them. They've always been one of my favorite shows (Squishee is even named after the drink from the show!). Luckily for me, Dave is also a fan and has been since he was a kid too, so for us, it was the perfect way to incorporate a little bit of us into our wedding. 

We didn't have a full blown nothing-but-Simpson's wedding. We had a few touches of Simpson's theme, along with a color theme, which was royal purple. 

I found a cake topper on eBay that was Homer and Marge in wedding attire, which sat atop our cake:

For seating table cards, my mom, mother in law, and I all searched high and low for Simpson's Pez dispensers and taped the guest's name to the body of the dispenser. 

Each table was named for a Simpson's character and each table had a picture along with a figurine. The table cards had a picture of the character and then the guests name, followed by the character's table name. So for example, you'd have a card that would say Joseph Smith followed by Moe Syszlak's Table. 

My mom, who is ridiculously talented, painted a pretzel tin to look like a Duff beer can, where guests could deposit cards. 

Finally, when Dave and I were introduced, they played Green Day's version of The Simpson's theme.

And that my friends is how I had a Simpson's themed wedding! 


  1. Your mom painted that tin?!?!?! Holy schneikies!!! Look, some people have Disney themed weddings, some people have Old Hollywood themed weddings, some do the beach, and some have The Simpsons. If it's what made you and Dave happy, who the eft cares. Also, Pez dispensers FOR THE WIN!! That pic of them all lined up is amazing!!!! <3 <3

  2. Omg this is awesome! My brother and I used to watch the Simpson's together all the time!

  3. This is so cute!! I love weddings with fun themes like that :-) I've been to a couple sports themed ones and one western one, but never anything this creative. And your Mom is amazing for making that beer can! Holy moly!

  4. I don't think words can describe just how much I love this!

  5. Wow, this is so elegant!! I really love such fun wedding themes. You know I also had the frozen wedding and enjoyed the day very much. We had booked one of the best event rooms for rent for our wedding reception.


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