Friday, September 26, 2014

End of the Week Roundup

This has been a crazy, busy week, but a good one. I can't ask for anything more when it comes to good weeks.

1. I spent all day holed up in my sewing room on Sunday and finished a Dr. Seuss quilt for a friend...

2. ...and made a weekender bag that I plan on selling as soon as I clean up a few things on it. I've always had a passion for sewing but I've really gotten back into it over the past few months and I find myself looking forward to coming home so I can spend time sewing. 

P.S. You can check out more pictures of the bag, as well as all the other sewing projects I've completed on my Facebook page, Quilts by Nicole

3. I started observing in a classroom this week, which is one of my requirements for one of my grad classes and my teaching certification. It was so much fun, and to top it off, the teacher whose classroom I was in had this posted on his back wall. If you need a reminder about how much I love The Simpsons, check this post out

Funny side of the lines on this poster says "I will stop talking about the twelve inch pianist". I was reading this poster before school started and there were just two girls in the room chatting, waiting for class to start. I read that line and literally laughed out loud, and then realized how that may look to the know some random chick that they don't know quietly sitting in the corner laughing out loud out of nowhere. Anyway, I immediately turned around and said, "I'm so sorry that was really creepy of me" and they laughed...and then proceeded to talk about me under their breath. Oh well, that's teens for ya. 

4. Dave surprised me with flowers on Tuesday, which is my long day of the week (between work and class). The picture is a bit over saturated due to the dim lighting in my kitchen...

5. Is it weird to anyone else that a.) Aziz Ansari is photobombing Squish and b.) that Squish and Aziz have the same look going on?

How was your week?