Friday, September 19, 2014

End of the Week Roundup

I had a great weekend, and then a not so great start to the week. I was home the first two days of this week with a bad stomachache...maybe it was too much fun from the weekend?

1. Friday night I had dinner with my Aunt Penny and Uncle Chuck. I snapped this pic of her two dogs waiting for them to get home while I sat outside and read.

2. Saturday night, Dave and I headed back to Wyebrook Farms, this time with my parents and aunt and uncle in tow. It was even better the second time around!

3. Sunday was my Painting with a Twist birthday party! It was such a great time, I recommend everyone try it at least once!

4. Still obsessed with Ed Sheeran by the way. I listen to both his albums nonstop all day at work. Every day. 

5. The boys are starting to get more and more cuddly now that the weather is cooling down. As much as I hate the cold, I love the extra cuddles!

How was your week?


  1. Awe your furballs are precious! And how cute are those anxiously waiting pups too! Visiting from the link up!

  2. I've been to one of those wine/painting classes before and LOVED it! I'd do it every week if it wasn't $60 or whatever the price is. But such a good idea for a birthday, bach party, etc.!

  3. This week has sucked the life out of me.

    I'm glad you had a fun birthday party!

  4. Love the dog and cat pics. So precious. Unconditional love, for sure. :-)
    Visiting via the NE Blogger's Friday 5.


  5. I love the paintings you all made, so cute! And so are you kitties!

  6. ALL my dogs want to do is cuddle! They're always cold, but go dog-atonic when I try to put hoodies on them so they just want to be all in my lap.
    Those paintings look great! I have a studio near me where you can pick things out to paint, but nothing like that. So cool!

  7. I love the painting you chose! Wasn't it a blast to do? Such a fun idea for a girl's night out!

  8. it was a ton of fun! I would love to do it again!


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