Friday, August 22, 2014

Five (Again)

I'm sorry guys, the past few weeks have been a bit stressful. I'm really dreading starting school next week (I'm loving my "free" time and don't want to give it up!!) and student loans has me freaking out since they can't seem to understand that I'm still in school and they keep trying to bill me, even after they supposedly have put a student forbearance on my account...three times. So I don't have another roundup for you. Instead, here are my top five favorite things this week:

1. This video...hilarious!

2. This shirt....ridiculously comfortable AND stylish? Yes please!

3. This cleanser...hormonal pimples are awesome, especially because they are not only unsightly but hurt too. This cleanser seems to soothe them.

4. This pin....I can never catch friends with this game in real life, so this pin is my way of doing it on a wide scale. 

5. This song....Ed Sheeran can do no wrong. He's been on repeat for the past month for me. 

How was your week?