Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Favorite Pinned Hairstyles

I only give myself about 20 minutes to get ready in the morning, for both hair and makeup. It's mainly because I spend a good hour laying in bed just playing on my phone. What can I say? I like to wake up slowly and restfully, haha. 

Some mornings I'm just not feeling the whole "pull out the flat iron and curling iron" look, and I'll scan through my pins to find easy styles. The ones I am sharing today are my favorite go to simple looks. 

I have a confession...I like to look at the back of my head in the mirror when I style my hair like this, the criss cross just looks so good!

I love how elegant this looks, especially since it's so simple. Plus I finally learned how to use my spin pins with it!

If I have to do my hair for a fancy function (versus paying someone to do it), this is my go to look. 

Pin                 Original Source:

On the days where I do decide to pull out the ironing tools, but my front bangs won't cooperate, I'll braid my hair in this quick look. 

This is similar to the first pin, in both looks and me looking at the back of my head a lot...

What are some of your favorite pinned hairstyles? Comment with the link below!