Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why I Could Never Cut it as a Fashion Blogger

There is so much involved to a fashion post, and it's not something you think about until you actually attempt it. 

"I need to do my hair and makeup on a Sunday!?!"

"The backyard probably isn't the best spot to take these pictures, where is the nearest location that would enable me to take 'WOW' pictures?"

"I have the camera, which is great, but no photographer, unless I dress Dave up, or teach him to take pictures the exact way I envision them."

"Do you think Dave will go for being dressed up? No, no, I would definitely get side eyed for even asking"

"Still, would the dress fit him? That way I could take great pictures....then photoshop his hairy legs out and impose my face on, no, he would definitely side eye me for even thinking this..."

"How do fashion bloggers do this every day? I mean I don't even put this much makeup on or put this effort into my hair for regular work days. And how the heck do they always have good locations AND photographers?"

"Aw crap, I ran into a spiderweb trying to find my perfect location. Aaaaand now I'm going to have to worry about some massive spider running around this pretty dress. I bet you fashion bloggers don't run into spiderwebs." 

Said look is spiderweb regret

Luckily for me, one thing I didn't have to worry about was the dress itself. eShakti graciously sent me this dress to try out for a review, and I love it. My favorite thing about the dress is that it was made for my height. I always wondered that when I went to a store, how someone my height (5'3") could share a dress with someone much taller and get the same results. 

The answer? You don't. 

This is why eShakti is great, because you can have the dress customized to your specific measurements. Unfortunately, I didn't go the full customization route and I wish I had because while the dress fit really well in most places, it was a bit tight in the chest area. Even though I didn't do the whole custom shebang, the site still asked me my height and made sure the dress was cut to that specification. 

My second favorite thing about this dress? Pockets!!!! I love a dress with pockets. From what I can tell most, if not all, the dresses on eShakti have pockets. And what's even better is that if you hate pockets on your dress, you can have the dress customized without them!

I really could go on and on about how much I like this dress, but I won't. I will say one last thing, this dress also came with a piece of fabric sewn into the shoulders so I could clasp it around my bra. I truly wish all of my shirts/dresses had this option because it makes for wearing the dress so much better. No bra straps to worry about? Yes, please!

I would highly recommend checking out eShakti, especially if you have trouble finding clothes that fit you perfectly. You can also check them out on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest to get ideas for the best outfit for you! 

I received an eShakti dress as a form of compensation for my honest review.