Friday, July 11, 2014


Today is Dave's big 3-0. In lieu of a Friday Five post (which it has been a few weeks! yikes!), I thought I would pay homage to Dave in a Friday Thirty Post. There isn't a set rule for this list, some of it is just random tidbits about Dave, other things are things I love about him.  

1. Dave is the most supportive, kind, caring husband a girl could ever dream up. When I couldn't eat Monday due to the surgery, Dave chose not to eat or drink either, just so I didn't have to watch him eat or drink. I had to get a nurse to practically force feed him in pre-op just so I knew he would have something in him. 

2. He is ridiculously smart. Dave is the kind of smart that can look at something that is broken and fix it, even if he's never seen it before.  I wish I had that kind of skill.

3. He's a terrible movie lover. As long as it's not a romantic comedy or chick flick, it's a great movie to Dave. Yes, even those knock off movies that mash up stereotypes from one genre of film into one movie. It's bad. 

4. There is something about Dave that kids love. They immediately hone in on him and just watch him. It's really cute, until little girls end up hating me for "taking their man". 

5. He lets me put my really cold hands underneath his shirt onto his warm belly. He hates it and still lets me do it. That's love, people.

6. In the winter, I hate getting into a cold bed. Dave makes it a point to lie on my side of the bed to warm it up for me. It helps that he loves getting into a cold bed. 

7. He's really good about throwing a meal together with spices that he's never used before without a recipe. It makes me jealous.

8. He's obsessed with our cars and making sure they are always clean. Before Dave I never cleaned my car, now once a month our cars have to be cleaned. He even made it a point to detail his truck for my graduation so people could see us drive around in a clean truck. I'm pretty sure the only person who noticed or cared was Dave himself. 

9.  We liked to waste our time on sites like Buzzfeed laughing at the lists so hard we start crying. I'm pretty sure it started out with him just putting up with me saying oh look at these adorable cats, but it's evolved into "our thing". 

10. Whenever we get into an argument, all he has to do is kiss my hand to reduce me to a fit of giggles. He knows this and uses it often. 

11. I hate peanut butter and he loves it. He once told me that it makes him sad that I don't like it because he wanted to share his Reese's with me. 

12. He always gives me a piece of bacon off whatever he is eating when we go out.

13. I don't know any other man alive that would be willing to share their bacon and peanut butter cups with someone else. It makes me wonder how I got so lucky? 

14. He loves having his head massaged. I can get him snoring in about a minute flat when I start massaging his head. I think it's one of the cutest things about him.

15. He has no problem jumping behind the sewing machine to help me when I'm struggling with quilts. 

16. Dave is so supportive, he should be a bra. Too much? I signed up for school within two months of dating Dave and there were many nights where homework was teamwork and pep talks were needed to get me to stay in school. 

17. He taught me that it's okay to say you're sorry when you should be and to swallow your pride. Before Dave, I never wanted to apologize and I just wanted to stay angry at the person I was fighting with. He was the first one to show me that being the first to say you're wrong doesn't make you a weak person.

18. He has shown me what a great marriage can be. It's hard work sometimes, but it never feels like it. 

19. If we are walking, I always have to walk on the "inside" just in case a crazy driver is around. It used to annoy me, it made me feel like a child, now I love how it's another way for him to show me how much he cares.

20. I knew I found a great man when we first started dating because he would wake up an hour earlier than he needed to to help me straighten the back of my hair when it was too short for me to do it on my own. This was within a month or two of us dating. 

21. I love it when he changes the words to a song, most of the time. There are times when I have to impose a "don't eff it up" moratorium on a song. 

Dave is trying to be like R. Kelly in this picture from my sister's wedding. The look on my dad's face is pretty self explanatory.

22. He's supposed to do the dishes every night, but it never happens. I'm also supposed to clean the toilets and vacuum once a week, but that never happens either so I can't really call him out on it. 

23. When I'm feeling down, Dave tries to talk it out with me, since he knows that makes me feel better. He's the only person I share every thought, moment, feeling, everything, without worrying about any judgments from him. He truly is my rock.

24. His eyes are my favorite thing about him. They are so soulful and sweet. You can truly see how great of a man he is by his eyes. 

25. He hates dancing, which is a bummer when I want to dance at weddings or other events. I'm hoping someday to either have a son to dance with me, or a daughter to force him to dance with her. 

26. He likes to hold my hand when we are driving. When we got his new truck, we spent a good five minutes trying to find a comfortable hand holding position for the both of us. You may gag if you need to, but I found it endearing. 

27. I love how he is with the cats. They cuddle him and he never gets used to how cute they look. They are almost four years old and he'll still say things like "babe! you have to come see this!" when it comes to Nibbler and Squish doing something. 

28. He has this nook in his arm/stomach area that I fit perfectly into. I love my nook and the way it smells. 

29. He isn't a fan of reading, but understands my love for it, which is why he never complains about the excess books I currently own, or when I bring home new ones. 

30. His hugs are the greatest hugs in the world. Everything melts away when I'm in his arms.

Happy 30th birthday, Dave!