Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Survival Kit

Man Crates recently emailed me and suggested I write a post about the five essential items I would include in my own personal survival kit. Essential items like matches and emergency blankets be damned (imagine they are already included in said emergency situation)! Man Crates wants to know what I can't live without. Without further ado:


Did you really think I'd have a survival kit list and not include my husband? The whole marriage aspect aside, if I'm anywhere where I need "saved" I'm going to want him there. He's a literal handy man. Need a hut built? Dave's your guy. Need a fire built? Dave! I wouldn't last two days somewhere without help from Dave and his skills. 

Face Wash/Beauty Products

There is something terrible that happens if I don't wash my face twice a day. My face explodes with blemishes and it's gross. As for the the rest? A little moisturizer so my face doesn't feel tight after washing it and mascara wouldn't hurt to have so I could try to feel "normal" in a tough situation.


I can't do much of anything without music accompanying it. If I'm going to gather twigs to start a fire, or grab logs to build a shelter, I am going to be much more productive if I've got some good music going. 


Again, do you really think I'd create a must have list and not have my kitties on here? Who else would I lounge around and read with when all the day's work is done?

Books/Full e-reader

I'd rather have a big pile of books than an e-reader; however, I don't think I'd travel with a whole lot so a full e-reader would be the next best thing. Either way, I can't go anywhere without some good stories to keep me occupied. 

What would be in your must have survival kit?

So here's the deal: Man Crates didn't compensate me in anyway for this post. So while it looks sponsored, it is not. They suggested this post and I thought it was a neat idea. Speaking of neat ideas, I really truly do think that Man Crates is a really creative website, offers up some unique gifts, and completely worth checking out.