Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Every Little Thing is Gonna be Alright

Before I start this post, I'd like to throw in a warning that I'm still feeling a little woozy from going under yesterday (I'm writing this Tuesday afternoon). I wrote a few emails this morning and thought they were well written until I went back and reread them. So if that happens here, I get a pass. 

This picture has nothing to do with this  post...I just felt I needed something picture-wise
Monday wasn't as terrible as I expected it to be. It helped that I got so much love and support from everyone. The love stretched across oceans as far as South Africa and Jamaica. If there is one thing I could not say about yesterday it was that I was lonely. My phone went off nonstop and Dave showed me every message, text, email, Facebook post that came across before I went into the surgery. I truly found my strength yesterday from the love and encouragement from all of you. I will never be able to express how much it means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

A few things from Monday I want to point out but don't feel like putting in paragraph form:

- Monday I had my D&E, which isn't to be confused with a D&C like I have been. D&C's are for when you can't stop bleeding (sorry if that's TMI), D&E is called dilate and evacuate....that's pretty self explanatory.

-I was a little nervous heading in to the hospital but Paoli is such a great place, I had nothing to worry about. The entire staff was incredibly kind and supportive to me and even laughed at my terrible, nervous jokes.

-Speaking of staff, Mike the RN, I'm sorry. After they gave me the relaxer I wouldn't stop pointing out your height. And mental note: saying "it's okay you're the adorable kind of short" doesn't make anything better. So thank you Mike for being a good sport and staying kind the whole time, if I had been you I would have punched me in my boob when I went under. Which you may have done and I have no clue about.

-I followed Ashley's advice and told them how anxious I get about going under and they gave me a great relaxer which made everything better, except one thing. I got so relaxed I wouldn't shut up. My doctor told Dave I continued to talk even after going under. I have no idea what I said, but if what I do remember is any indication, Mike the RN got the brunt of it (I am so sorry!)

-It's probably best not to "argue" with the doctor when she tells you to eat simple that evening, like chicken noodle soup. Apparently I felt that tomato soup and grill cheese would be better and stated that enough times that my doctor tattled on me to Dave to ensure I would eat what she told me to and not what I damn well pleased. 

-I'm not sure how I feel about all this currently. I'm still so tired and out of it that I can't really place where my head is right now. I do know this: in the past week I have been shown so much love and support, it makes me want to cry happy tears. From my neighbor bringing me a hot meal the first night we found out about the miscarriage, to all the positive thoughts and well wishes, to my mom who has done more for me than this post could manage, to the edible bouquet MJ sent me, and the encouraging texts and emails Angie kept sending, and for everything else that could keep this run on sentence running, it has all been so meaningful to me. I can only hope to show you guys half the love you have all shown me. 

I know in time, everything will be alright.