Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Unique Graduation Party Ideas

This past Sunday, Dave and my mom threw a graduation party for me. My mom went all out with this party and came up with some really great ideas for the graduation theme that I wanted to share with you!

First, for dessert, my mom had a cake custom made that was made to look like books. The "subject" for each book was my major and minor. 

She also made cupcakes since she wasn't sure if the cake would be enough to feed everyone (it was and then some!). On top of each cupcake she decorated it with graduation themed toppers. 

She also had a candy table with bags that guests could fill up and take home as a goody bag. She made homemade chocolate hats in the shape of graduation caps in the colors of my school as well as regular chocolate. She used a mold very similar to this. She also placed most of the candy in empty boxes (similar) that are shaped to look like books, it was really cute! 

She also made chocolate covered pretzels in my school colors too!

She also had an assortment of candy in my school colors as well as "Nerds" and "Smarties"...get it? Ha ha!

For cards, my mom made (MADE!) a card box that was shaped to look like a graduation cap. She is so creative, it's insane. 

My mom also created little tags with keys attached to them, to act as the "guest book". Guests were instructed to write their own "keys to success" for me to read. I have to say this was probably one of my favorite things about the party, my friends and family's suggestions ranged from inspirational to hilarious. 

I hope this suggestions come in handy if you ever have to throw a graduation party!