Monday, June 16, 2014

Play Time

I'm still trying to learn my new camera and obviously the best way to do that is to use it. I decided to try and catch the boys in action playing with their favorite things to see how well I fared with action shots. I had attempted an action shot/playtime post when I first started blogging last year...needless to say I think the picture quality is much better. 

I hope you enjoy the pictures and they bring a smile to your face! 

First up is Squish and his ice. Dave started Squish in the terrible habit of expecting an ice cube every time we use the ice button on our fridge. He will sit there and meow as loud as he can and give you the best guilt trip face possible if you don't. Once he gets the ice he likes to play ice hockey with it. It's so funny seeing him bat the ice around the kitchen floor...until you step in the puddle an hour later. 

Nibbler likes to play with conventional cat know strings, things that sit on mommy's nightstand (like her glasses), etc. So I pulled out a string from an old bikini I had.

The first two pictures are my favorite. You can see in the very first picture the look on his face is so serious...then the second he's just going for it. For some odd reason, he likes to bat at the string with his mouth wide open. 

I think my favorite thing about all these pictures is seeing their paws, especially Squish's. It's just so cool to see the moment right before he makes contact with the ice.