Sunday, June 29, 2014


I took part in Bon's book club again this month, and we read Matilda. Shockingly, I never read this as a child so it was nice to pick it up and read it finally. 

It was a cute book to read and I got through it fairly quickly, which made me feel like I was legitimately accomplishing things.

Jumping right to Bon's questions:

+ What do you like more or less about reading a children's book as compared to adult fiction?

I loved that we read a children's book this month. With so much happening this month, it was nice to pick up a quick and easy read and finish it up in a day. Some month's it's nice to read longer, adult novels but with the warmer months coming up and everyone being so busy, this was a good pick for the month. 

+ What did you like or dislike about Roald Dahl's writing style?

I loved reading Dahl as a child (anyone else remember Witches?) and it's no different now that I am an adult. He's funny, witty, and writes great stories. 

+ Were the characters over the top to you or did that not matter to you?  Did you have trouble "buying" the story?

If this were an adult fiction book, I would be rolling my eyes at all the ridiculousness of the characters, however reading it through a children's book is a lot different. You kind of have to read this story with the mind of a child and be more open to silly things, the way a child would. The only part that made me have a "oh come on!" moment would be the end. It seems odd to me that everyone would be okay with Matilda moving in with Miss. Honey, no questions asked. But, it did end the story nicely so I guess it makes sense in that way.

+ Did the story seem too grim or dark for children?

There were parts that seemed a bit dark for children, but it has enough magical elements in them that I don't think kids would pick up on it the way an adult reading the book would. Let's put it this way, I would take no issue with my children reading this book.