Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I was all ready to write a post about my favorite movies that inspire me, but then Lulu went and posted a great list of movies that she enjoys, so I decided to modify my original post. The movies on this list are by no means exclusive. Seriously, I've seen so many films,  and I can't even think of 1% of them right goes nothing!

Movies that are inspiring to me:

- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: seriously guys, if you have not seen this movie yet, PLEASE DO IT. It's such a great film, with a great message that is not in the least bit preachy. I loved it so much!
-Big Fish
-Meet the Robinsons

Movies that make me cry:

-Pretty much every movie out there 
-Up (before the movie even starts now I start blubbering)
-Extremely loud and incredibly close

Movies I avoid like the plague:

-Anything that hurts animals...even imaginary ones. How to Train Your Dragon gave me a panic attack when they went after Toothless in the end. I almost turned it off, until Dave told me to just wait it out and that he was sure he'd be fine...even know I know he's okay in the end, it still gets me all upset

- Scary movies
-Movies that spoof other movies (ie The Starving Games or The Hangover Games) stupid and such a waste of time and money

Most disappointing film:

Sex and the City 2. Why? WHY?!?! 

Favorite actors:

-Channing Tatum
-Robert Downey Jr
-Hugh Jackman
-Christian Bale

Favorite actresses:

-Kristen Wiig
-Emma Stone
-Leslie Mann
-Kristen Bell
-Tina Fey

What are some notable films for you?


  1. I keep saying Walter Mitty on my ondemand menu but haven't picked it. It seems too out there? I will give it a shot though at your recommendation!

  2. I really want to see Walter Mitty soon!
    I also hate movies where animals are hurt and cannot stand those spoof movies

  3. I want to see Walter mitty too!

    And I'm so glad we both can't watch movies that hurt animals. I can't handle that stuff!! There was a TV show on the other night about a murderer and apparently he started with animals-as soon as you saw the first picture of the puppy you knew it was coming so mike quickly changed the channel!! I couldn't handle it!

    And of course, love Emma!!

  4. S&TC 2 made me twitchy!!! The only good thing wa that Aiden looked DAMN HOT! But he's way too good for Carrie anyway. But that movie sucked ass. LOL, pretty much every movie in the world makes me cry, too!!! I will make Steve download that Walter Mitty movie tonight

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