Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I was all ready to write a post about my favorite movies that inspire me, but then Lulu went and posted a great list of movies that she enjoys, so I decided to modify my original post. The movies on this list are by no means exclusive. Seriously, I've seen so many films,  and I can't even think of 1% of them right goes nothing!

Movies that are inspiring to me:

- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: seriously guys, if you have not seen this movie yet, PLEASE DO IT. It's such a great film, with a great message that is not in the least bit preachy. I loved it so much!
-Big Fish
-Meet the Robinsons

Movies that make me cry:

-Pretty much every movie out there 
-Up (before the movie even starts now I start blubbering)
-Extremely loud and incredibly close

Movies I avoid like the plague:

-Anything that hurts animals...even imaginary ones. How to Train Your Dragon gave me a panic attack when they went after Toothless in the end. I almost turned it off, until Dave told me to just wait it out and that he was sure he'd be fine...even know I know he's okay in the end, it still gets me all upset

- Scary movies
-Movies that spoof other movies (ie The Starving Games or The Hangover Games) stupid and such a waste of time and money

Most disappointing film:

Sex and the City 2. Why? WHY?!?! 

Favorite actors:

-Channing Tatum
-Robert Downey Jr
-Hugh Jackman
-Christian Bale

Favorite actresses:

-Kristen Wiig
-Emma Stone
-Leslie Mann
-Kristen Bell
-Tina Fey

What are some notable films for you?