Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why is it Called Bathing Suit if You Don't Bathe in it?

In June, my sister is getting married in Jamaica. I'm really excited for the event and the trip itself, of course. Aside from my bridesmaid dress all I really need to pack is a bathing suit and a toothbrush, right? 

I've started the search for the perfect bathing suit and here's what I've narrowed down so far. Fair warning, there are more J.Crew suits on here than others...I spent hours searching sites, and J.Crew just appeals to me more than what I found on other sites. 

Gold Trim Tank via J.Crew

Tulle Swim Set via J.Crew
Anne Cole Tankini Set via Macys

Bleu Rod Beattie via Zappos
Halter Wrap Tank via J.Crew
Michael Kors Tankini Set via Macys

Cutout Tank via J.Crew
Twist Front Bandeau and High Waist Brief  via J.Crew
What suit do you prefer? Do you have any suggestions?


  1. Get the purple halter wrap and/or the blue Anne Cole tankini.

    1. I ended up going with the wrap! Hopefully it looks good when it comes in!

  2. But seriously... why are they called bathing suits? haha you chose some beautiful colors (I love the teal)

  3. I really like the Anne Cole, but I see you went with a different one!


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