Thursday, April 24, 2014

Night Circus

It's that time again! I participated in Bon's book club again this month for Night Circus

So before I touch on Bon's posed questions, I just have to say I'm not sure how I feel about this book. Part of me really liked it. I LOVED the description of the circus and it did a great job transporting me to another world. BUT....there was a part of me that felt like this book had no '"great" moments. There was no build up or epic showdown, it just came and went and treated you to a magical world while it did. The best way to describe it is linear (the straight line definition, not the progressing definition). I don't like "straight line" books, a book should ebb and flow and have peaks and plummets, regardless of what kind of book it is. 

+ Who is your favorite character in the novel and why?

I didn't have a favorite character, per se, but I did enjoy the story line between the twins and Bailey. I really liked how Bailey wasn't sure where he stood with his life and wanting to find his place in the world and the circus came upon him at just the right time. I also enjoyed when his character evolved into a significant part of the continuation of the circus and the way the twins guided him through that. 

+ What about the main romantic relationship (Celia and Marco) did you like or not like?

I thought the creation of the different tents for each other was sweet. Instead of competing against one another and creating a bigger, better tent than the other, they were creating them FOR each other. That being said, as I said before, Morgenstern's writing prevented any decent kind of development to their relationship that you could latch on to until the very end. 

+ Did you like the writing style?  Why or why not?

At first I really hated how she jumped around from one year to another and then back. It was really hard to keep track of it all at first. Once I got used to it and finished the book, I understood why she wrote it the way that she did, but again, it wasn't easy to follow. I loved loved loved her descriptive writing style. It was just enough to help you create a fantastical picture in your mind without overloading you with details.

+ Anything else you want to say, add, admit, confess?  Now's your time to shine!

If you loved this book, you'll be happy to know Erin Morgenstern has a blog and every Friday she posts a short 10 sentence story called Flax Golden Tales based on a picture a photographer friend of her provides!