Friday, April 25, 2014

End of the Week Roundup

Happy Friday! This has been one of those know "one of those days" everyday. Luckily it was still a good week for me, but the weekend couldn't have come any sooner. 

1. This gif had me laughing way too hard. If you want to see the video in full, which is even more adorable, check it out here

2. Saturday night I had a Sex and the City themed movie night with my friend Becca. Since I kicked Dave out of the house he wet to his grandmother's house to work on his Trans Am. He let me know that our nephews were up visiting too so I stopped by before the evening festivities began. It was so much fun watching the boys help Dave out and they are just so sweet. As I left I told Jacob I loved him and his reply was "I love you more!" still my heart. 

3. Dave surprised me Easter Sunday with an Easter basket! We've never exchanged baskets before so it was a super sweet surprise. It's also a nice reminder that you're never too old for an Easter basket!

4. Most days Lola and I spend our lunch break driving around looking at houses. We work in an area that has very prominent neighborhoods around us so we like to drive around, chat and dream about living in these homes. We came across this particular home Wednesday and were floored. A girl can dream, right??

5. Yet another thing I could not stop laughing over. I literally had Dave in tears watching it with me. 

How was your week?