Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bringing on the Heartbreak

You know that salad set that I've been coveting since November? You know the one I put on my Christmas wish list, then again on my kitchen essentials? This:

Yeah...I bought it last week from Target online. I waited the better part of a week for  it to arrive and I was so excited when the postman knocked on my door with the box. 

Then I opened it up and found this:

November you guys. I've been wishing for this salad set since November. And it showed up to my house broken. 

So I called Target's customer service. I'm not going to lie, Amazon's stellar customer service spoiled me. It left me with high expectations for what I should expect if a product were to show up on my door defective, because sometimes that happens. Needless to say, Target was not on point at all. The guy made me repeat myself three times and asked me questions to things that I had already said to him, THREE times. Then he puts me on hold for ten minutes. Ten minutes for a product that showed up on my doorstep broken. Why? 

He comes back and says you have two choices, you can either return it and get your money back or return it and call back and we'll give you 10% off. So I ask about shipping, because the price of the item right now puts it right below the free shipping threshold. The man tells me that's not an option and that I can take one of his options or leave them. 


I told the guy in my most parental voice possible that I was disappointed in Target and then hung up, because I was so shocked I couldn't even fathom going banshee on him. 

I could have called back, asked for a manager, raised hell. But what good would it have caused? I would have wasted more time on a bowl than what it was worth. Quite frankly, if it broke before I even got to use it, what would happen the first time I used it, or the fifth? I would constantly worry about it breaking. So instead of crying over spilled milk, or in this instance, broken bowls, I just returned the bowl to Target, left a bad review (which ironically enough as of the time of this posting STILL has not been added to the reviews (it's been DAYS guys!), coincidence? Also, when I tried uploading the picture above to my review, it kept giving me an error message. How convenient Target.), and decided to find another bowl. So far these two from Kohl's have caught my eye:

Bobby Flay
Food Network
What suggestions do you have for a salad server set?