Monday, March 3, 2014


Just a few random tidbits to share with you guys today....

***MJ and I friended each other on Facebook, so naturally, she and I FB stalked each other and emailed one another over pictures we observed. One of the things I noticed is her gorgeous house and I immediately emailed her telling her how crazy jealous I was and how I almost hated her for it (that is obviously an exaggeration, but you get the point). 

I think I should explain that Dave and I have been looking to possibly sell our own house and buy a new one and so naturally I've been paying more attention to houses and comparing them to my own. MJ responded to my email with a humble "thank you, but it's just a house" and with that I was reminded that it is just a house and that what really matters is what you come home to. 

*** Before working out with my friend Sheena the other day, I may or may not have eaten a candy bar...

I could make up excuses about low blood sugar, and working out during my normal dinner time and "hanger" pangs and whatnot, but they'd just be excuses. It was one of those things where I knew it wasn't the best decision and I could have chosen healthier options but I didn't care. It wasn't until Dave found the wrapper a few days later and asked why I didn't share with him and I had to verbalize it that I realized how embarrassing it kind of was. 

*** Speaking of working out, here's a few gems that pop into my head during my workout the next day (when I was by myself):

  • 2 minutes in: "WTH, only 2 minutes have passed?!?
  • 5 minutes in, after counting 5 white cars and 4 black cars out the window: "5 minutes?!? Mother*%$#^&%$!!!!
  • 8 minutes in: "I wonder what this wall runners talk about hitting feels like, I'm pretty sure I'm hitting it now"
  • 8:10 minutes in: "God I'm a wuss, why am I doing this again?"
  • 15 minutes in, after a girl tries talking to me, "I'm sorry, I blast my music so loud to try and drown out the complaining I do in my own head, what did you say?"
  • 17 minutes in: "I think I'm allergic to exercise, my ankles and feet are all swollen and falling asleep. I should stop"
  • 22 minutes in "Just 8 minutes to go, you can do it! You've gotten this far!" Me in response to myself, "Are you f&*%$@ kidding me?!? Have you not heard a word I said this whole time?"
  • 30 minutes in, "Praise Jesus! Its over! Now where is chocolate?"
***I feel like I take better pictures when I don't care about how I look when the picture is taken. Happiness helps too. 

I remember this day very clearly, it was father's day and the day after my friend's wedding that I was in. I was tired and rolled out of bed threw on clothes and a bit of makeup and went up to my parents house. I thought I looked a wreck that day but looking back on these pictures, it always strikes me that this is one of my favorite pictures and I put no effort into it. This carelessness is something I need to find on a permanent basis.

P.S. My dad is freaking awesome. That is all. 

***I found out a little bit ago that I was using the word "discerning" wrong. I thought it was synonymous with concerning but with more oomph. It's actually the complete opposite and means "showing good judgment".

I still use it wrong and with the exception of you dear readers, no one has caught on....or at least corrected me. 

Got any random thoughts you'd like to share today?