Monday, March 10, 2014

Favorites- Kitchen Edition

One of my favorite past times when I'm sitting watching TV is to look at home websites like Bed, Bath and Beyond and look at all the home decor and kitchenware. Another favorite past time of mine? Creating favorite boards and posting them here! 

Today's favorite board is all about my favorite kitchen items that I use on a regular basis. Without further ado...

1. Salt Box

I've been wanting a salt and pepper box for a while before purchasing this one from Target. I've had it for a few months now and when I walk into my kitchen it still catches my eye. There is something about salt boxes, at least for me, that scream "I'm an adult!"

2. Mixing Bowls

I put these bowls on my wedding registry and they are one of my most used items. I love these things. The non-skid bottom is awesome for holding the bowl in place while I mix. Whether I'm making pancakes on a Sunday morning or tossing some salad for dinner in the evening, these are my go to bowls. 

3. Lined Journal

I like to write down recipes that I find in magazines or online. It's easier than trying to store the printed versions in a binder, and it's something I can pass down to my children one day, a little keepsake of me and some good recipes. Plus, the size of the journal means I don't have to deal with the bulk of a cookbook, which makes cooking a meal and following the recipe much easier on my tiny counter tops. 

4. Silicone Spatulas

My friend Rebecca bought me one of these after she accidentally melted the tip of a crappy plastic spatula I had when she was making me an omelette on the morning of my wedding. Seriously though, girlfriend was doing me a favor. Free breakfast and one of these silicone spatulas? She's a keeper! 

I love using this any chance I get. If I have to stir something while I cook or make eggs, I'm using this. 

5. Quick-Stir Pitcher

I make homemade tea all the time, I love this pitcher. It has a plunger type thing (so scientific) that you pump via the handle to mix everything up. Plus, the polka dot design is eye catching. I've had this pitcher for over 8 years and I still use it everyday. Money well spent!

6. Dutch Oven

Get your giggles out now, yes I said dutch oven. I love cooking meals in this, and the turquoise blue color still makes me really happy. It's a bit pricey but it's completely worth it, I've made so many incredible meals with this pot. 

7. Salad Set

I need this. Enough said. 

What are some of your everyday favorite kitchen essentials?