Friday, March 7, 2014

End of the Week Roundup

This week flew by super fast, which was kind of refreshing. It flew by so fast I didn't even have to wish for the weekend! Even though it went by super quick, not a whole lot happened that was noteworthy, so I figured it was time for another EOTWR Nibbler and Squish Edition! 

Try to conceal your squeals of delight, I dare you. 

1. First up, my aunt and uncle came up for dinner on Saturday night. The boys love my aunt and uncle, even Nibbler, who runs from everyone, hangs out with us. Squish makes it a point to showcase how much he loves my Uncle Chuck at every chance:

2. Another shot of Squish (he was on a roll this week). I tried to take a picture of Dave for my 100 Happy Days Challenge and Squish decided that wasn't going to happen. 

Just in case you think it was just coincidence, I'd like to show you this next picture in which I'm fairly certain he's mocking me.

3. Ignore Squish in the bottom portion of the next picture. What I really want you to do is look for Nibbler...who thinks he's hiding. No I swear, he really thinks he's hiding. He doesn't realize his ears are deceiving him. 

4 I really should have called this round up the Squish edition. Cause he's literally in every picture. It's been three years and I still think it's freaking adorable that he sleeps with his mouth open. 

5. Monday morning, we had our usual cuddle session. Then the boys decided to take the cute, love factor up a notch by holding paws. It started with Nibbler holding Squish's paw, then Squish put his on top of Nibbler's. Pretty sure my heart exploded. 

Lastly, I'd like to share this little (non-cat related) gem with you: 

The other night I was scrolling through Buzzfeed (which by the way, am I the only one that can get lost on this website for hours?) and I took a quiz to see if Dave and I qualified to be parents. One of us did not laugh and the other laughed so hard she was crying and nearly peed her pants. 

Apparently Dave is going to be a great father and I'm going to be heartless and sadistic. Here's the video one more time, just in case you want to laugh your ass off again, like I did. 

How was your week?


  1. Oh my gosh, BuzzFeed is turning into my new crack. Especially those dumb ass quizzes. Squish has mastered the art of the ultimate photo bomb. He was NOT going to let you take a picture of dave! My fave pics are those ones where they think they are hiding, but rally, their little ears are sticking out. I have a bunch of PMBHBBC like that before Linky Cat came along and stole the show. I love your kitties!!! So cute!!! <3

  2. Squish is the coolest kitty around. Just don't tell my cats that, ok?? LOL I love the quizzes and the fact that you nearly peed your pants over the results made me laugh so hard!

    Have a great day!!

  3. My cat doesn't sleep with her mouth open, but will snore - loudly! But she does get sniffing things an then has this dopey mouth dangling look that we call "cowardly" from cowardly lion because she looks like the lion at the end of the movies that used to roar. Ok, I may be dating myself there...

    1. haha, Squish snores every once in a while, it's really cute! and yes, mine does that odd "cowardly lion" open mouth thing too when he sniffs!

  4. What a cute little kitty =)
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up with me today!


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