Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Easy Housewarming Gift

A friend of mine recently moved into her own place, I wanted to do something nice for her to celebrate so I stopped at my local Walmart and grabbed a few items to give her a meaningful gift. 

The entire thing cost me just a little over $15 and only took a few minutes to put together. I could have easily spruced up the jar a bit more by adding a ribbon to the handle, or putting a few decorative items inside the jar. For this particular gift, I really wanted to keep it simple.

What I really like about this gift is that you're giving the person things that they may need when they first move into a place, but may not necessarily have readily available. Dish soap and sponges are probably the last thing on anyone's mind when they're moving, but probably one of the first things you need when you're trying to unpack your kitchen (trust me when I say I've moved into plenty of places that needed a thorough scrubbing before I could start storing my own items). And the candle in a relaxing lavender scent is a great way to relax after a long day of unpacking. 

I think the only thing I would have done differently was buy a larger glass jar. I debated between the half gallon and gallon jar and ended up going for the smaller of the two. If I had gone a bit bigger, I could have put the dish soap in the jar with the rest of the goodies and it wouldn't look so much like a side note to the gift. 

Here is the total price for this super simple, but nice gift:

Half gallon glass jar- $4.97
Wash cloth- $1.77
Sponge- $0.96
Candle- $4.97
Dish soap- $2.83

Total spent-$15.50