Friday, February 14, 2014

End of the Week Roundup

Happy Valentines Day! What are your plans for today? Right now I'm cooking up some Marry Me? Ribs for Dave as his valentines day gift.

Here is the round up for the week!

1. Friday night I met up with my friend from college, Gabby, for a delicious meal at Carrabba's. My favorite thing about hanging out with Gabby (aside from the obvious spending time with my friend)? The fact that we both ALWAYS get dessert. That's a girl after my heart. And of course, Carrabba's dipping herbs/oil, is always a treat.

2. Ever since Kate posted about how to enter giveaways on Goodreads (which I didn't even know existed!), I've been entering giveaways nonstop. Friday I received notification that I won my first giveaway  and I got the book on Monday! It was like Christmas morning! 

3. Lola has been one of my best friends since high school. I even wrote my very first check out to her. It was a bogus check (meaning I had no money for her to legitimately cash) but I wanted her to be a part of my first milestone. A few weeks ago, she had mentioned she was going to try and dig it up and let me see it again. 

On Tuesday she hadn't found the check yet, but did show me two cards that I had given her when we were still in school. It was so much fun reading what I wrote on the inside, and how much hadn't changed between us. Reminiscing with her over our lunch break just driving around, was such a great way to spend an hour, I was sad to see the break end. 

4. I'm sure, if you follow any bloggers in the Northeast, you know all about the ridiculous amount of snow we've gotten so far this winter. On Thursday, we got even more snow, which put us at 17 inches. Here's a pic of Dave being the neighborhood hero and snow blowing out our neighbors. Note the ridiculous pile of snow next to him. 

5. After Dave got done shoveling everyone out, he came inside and relaxed on the couch. Squish took the opportunity to hop up on his papa and pass out. Mouth open and all. 

From Nibs, Squish and myself (and Dave too, even though he has no clue I'm offering this up), have a great Valentines day! Enjoy your weekend!

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