Friday, January 31, 2014

The Anti-EOTWR

I'm flipping the script this week and giving you the top five reasons why I don't have an End of the Week Roundup post.

1. Because this polar vortex has apparently done more than just freeze the outside up, but also my brain. 


2. Because I spent my time taking this quiz, and the results were the least bit surprising:

3. Because the surprise gift box I got in the mail from Angie was so awesome, I was left speechless. 

4. Because I'm sick, again. And it's all Dave's fault. Again. He is really lucky I love him. And that he makes the best grilled cheese to go with my tomato soup.

Want to hear something gross? I left the house Thursday morning sucking on a cough drop and pulled into work, realizing I was sucking on the same cough drop that I popped into my mouth when I first woke up...meaning I didn't brush my teeth. Nothing like spending the whole day wondering if your coworkers realize how grody you are. Forgetting simple hygiene needs? That's the definition of being really sick. 

5. Because I couldn't do another all Nibbler and Squishee end of the week roundup two weeks in a row. 

Come on now, did you really think I'd post a Friday post without at least one Nibs or Squish pic? I'm not THAT sick. 

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