Monday, January 13, 2014

Oil That's Good for My Face?

Okay so I'm aware this whole "oil is actually good for your face" trend has been around for a while but I was completely hesitant to try it out for myself. I have combination skin, but there are times when it feels like if I were to put my head in my hands, I would literally slip out of them because my face is so oily. Hence, me avoiding adding any oil to my face that was already there. 

Then, while in Vermont, I saw this blemish stick from Burt's Bees. Don't ask me why I picked it up or what inspired me to buy it but I did. 
I ended up being pleasantly surprised. I always get pimples across my chin and this stick did a great job of speeding up the cycle of them being there without over drying my skin. 

Then I saw Tarte was offering a gift set  for $20 that had a sample size of their Maracuja Oil in it (sorry I looked everywhere and I can't seem to find it anymore; however here is another set that has a sample size).

I decided to wait while I was off of work to try it so that if the oil made my face breakout badly, no one except Dave could see it (sorry hubs).  I rubbed some on my hands, then patted it on my face and went to bed. The results that I saw from one use overnight were miraculous. My face had mostly cleared up, my cheeks, which are normally red and splotchy were nice and even toned. It took a few weeks of using the oil on a nightly basis to see my skin clear up completely, but it has. 

The week before my period, I normally breakout with massively large pimples all over my chin. This time? One or two mini ones that disappeared after a few days. 

I've never had clear skin, and I've never been comfortable enough to go out to public events without some type of foundation on, but now I'd be pretty confident to go out bare skinned. There are tons of different oil products out there and I can't speak for any except for these two, (although Sephora has done a pretty good job of rounding up some oils and providing tips on how to use them) but I can say that if you have been hesitant to try the oil trend, take the leap! 

Have you tried any type of face oil? If so, what did you try and how did it work for you?

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