Wednesday, January 15, 2014


A few observations I've discovered over the past few days, which I will now share with you:

::It's okay to put a book down and pick up another one::

I'm neurotic and I'm one of those people who prefers to do everything by the book. Sorry if that's a turn off. The good news? This isn't a dating site and you aren't trying to pick me up. 

But I digress. Big time. 

You're supposed to read one book cover to cover. Who says? "They" say. Who's they? I don't know, it's just "they". Anyway, there's this one book that's mildly interesting but not enough for me to not want to put it down and start another one. Which I've done now three times to this book. 

And guess what? 

"They" didn't come running with their pitchforks and burning torches. I didn't crumble to ash and dust and blow away. And I was able to pick the book back up right where I left off. 

And all was still well with the world. 

::People cannot magically see into your uterus::

Just go with me here on this one. 

Dave and I have been casually trying to conceive now that I am done with my bachelor's degree. It was always the plan (see the first sentence in the previous section), but so far it hasn't happened yet. 

We went to visit his grandfather over the weekend at his nursing home and I'm sad to say that he's not doing very well. At one point he looked at me and very clearly stated "You're pregnant" to which I responded very loudly, "I'm sorry, I'm WHAT?" and he stated again, "you're pregnant" and for three days I thought there may be an inkling that he might have some magical clairvoyance or be some kind of baby psychic that could see something I didn't know about yet. 

Well I'm not and he's not. Because people cannot see into your uterus. 

::Animals have souls ::
(okay I already knew this but I wanted to share this story)

We cut the boys' nails Monday night. Nibbler is really good, he knows he's getting a treat so he just sits there like "hey hurry up, I've got some yummies I need to devour". Squishee? Not so much. Normally, he's my good kitty, so sweet and kind and only getting yelled at when he fights with his brother. He doesn't get into much and only jumps on the kitchen table once in a while. But when you go to cut his nails, he becomes demon kitty, growling, hissing, hollering, kicking, all to the point where I have to grab him by the scruff and hold him while Dave clips his nails while I coo to him, "Mommy's so sorry, you're still a good boy, we just need to do this". 

But Monday night? Monday night Squish and I had a moment. He quietly sat there and allowed Dave to cut  his front nails, then when he moved to the back Squish kicked a little. So I called his name (I was holding him baby style) and he looked up at me and with his big brown eyes, I could tell he was giving in, saying that it was okay for us to clip his nails, that he loved and trusted me and knew we weren't trying to hurt him and it would be okay. Then he rested his head on my chest and let Dave finish cutting his nails. 

I will never forget the look of love and trust he gave me, or how his eyes told me everything I needed to know. It also showed me there was a personality in those eyes, a thinking, feeling, seeing, loving soul. 

::Sometimes the best celebrations are the simple ones::

I got my diploma Monday and when I came home I really wanted to celebrate the occasion. Dave mentioned that after paying bills, we didn't have much money to spare going out. So I "settled" on a free large pizza that we had collected enough stamps for and a viewing of "Mighty Macs" which is a movie about my school's basketball team.  Dave also surprised me with some cheesecake that he had picked up when he was out grabbing the pizza. 

When I went to bed Monday night, I don't think I could have been happier. I spent time with my  husband watching a movie where I got to yell, "I took most of my classes there!" and "That's the rotunda!" followed by "Look out the window, that's where the professor's offices are!" and have some good food, and then have an amazing moment with my one cat who normally prefers his "papa" over me. Life really was (is) good. 

and lastly:

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