Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gets Me Every Time

I have been a Sex and the City fan since day one. I remember being in high school and staying up late (at least late for me) on Sunday nights to watch this show.  When my mom and I moved, I made sure she had HBO at the new place. It was something that was a must for me. SATC inspired me so much, I wanted to move to NYC upon graduation and live life like Carrie. 

I wouldn't have lasted a day, but nonetheless, a girl can dream. 

Anyway, the point of all this is to say that anytime I see SATC on, I have to watch it. Even the less than stellar 2nd movie. When I do watch it, there is always a small part of me that yearns to be like Carrie and company. 

The first SATC movie was on TV the other day and this particular scene came on and my eyes immediately began to tear up, which it always does at this part:

Dave looks over at me and says, "Why are you crying? You know it all works out in the end." But what he didn't realize was that I wasn't crying at the obvious part of the scene. You know, this part:

No, the part that always gets me is the raw moment between Carrie and Charlotte. Carrie rants to Big and then turns and hangs on to her friend for dear life. Charlotte is the rock that Carrie literally throws herself on to in order to not be swept away. And Charlotte is right there to catch her. Then she turns into mama bear and you can almost see the protective shield she has created between Carrie and Big. 

Oh to have that, that my friend, is something pure and holy. Something that if you have you should never let go. 

satc on Make A Gif
Ugh, it gets me every time. Excuse me I need to go dab my eyes.

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