Friday, January 24, 2014

End of the Week Roundup

This week has been a bit light, event-wise. I'm pretty sure arctic temperatures put a damper on any type of social life anyone has....and if you're anything like me that social life is pretty slim to begin with. 

What I have been in abundance of this week is a ton of ridiculously cute pictures of Nibbler and Squishee. So this week, I'm changing it up a bit and making the round up the top five favorite pictures of Nibs and Squish. Enjoy! 

1. Starting with Squish, I was having a rough day Monday and when I came home, Squish cuddled with me, which he never does. It's funny, he always seems to know when I need love the most. 

2. I love Sunday mornings. I always wake up before Dave and lay in bed reading. If they aren't already sleeping on the bed from the night before, they'll jump up and cuddle me, each other, or everyone. It's such a peaceful way to start the day. 

3. Nibbler loves Sundays almost as much as I do. Why? Because I always do laundry on Sunday and he loves jumping into the warm clothes and burrowing himself in, kinda like he did here with towels I had just pulled out of the dryer. 


5.  And lastly, my personal favorite (with the one of Nibs under the towels being a close second), Squish using me as his human recliner. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, how was your week. 

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